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We all live in different countries, with different culture, religion, and language but we do have one thing in common – we all enjoy eating good food. I am no different than other.

From the moment I tasted the delicious meals prepared by my families, food became my affection. Since then I am hungry for more. Wherever I am, whether in my home town or when visiting new cities and countries, I am always looking for places where I can try out new and exciting food, in which I enjoyed very much. With that on my mind, I was determined to set up, which can help and guide foodie like me to search for good food around the world. is a review website which is offering café, bakery, restaurant, food and beverage reviews and ratings. It is setup as such so all the foodies worldwide can share, search, and find great and delicious food anywhere. Our focus is to provide good dining guidelines, directories and references for tasty food, and fantastic dining places. Moreover, we also have recipe page, articles write-up, online coupons, videos, and online photo stock marketplace within our website. In addition, we are actively involved in social media networks to further enhance our sharing experience.

We believe, with continuous support from foodies, our website can grow and continue to provide guidance and review for all. All foodies are encouraged to share our love and passion for food to provide collective reviews together. You are more than welcome to join us, as membership is free. We believe by working together, one day we will have complete foodie guidance.